The King is looking for adventurers to fill his ranks of champions, an elite fighting force charged with protecting the King and doing his more “hands on” work.
In an attempt to weed out the weak from the application pool, the King conscripted the Royal Academy of Magi to construct a magical labyrinth. Loaded with deadly traps, vicious monsters and other contestants, you must live long enough to escape in order to become one of the chosen few. One of the Kings Champions!

Labyrintheus is a brand new dungeon survival card game that introduces a unique Persona Card System where you compete against you fellow party members to defeat Monsters and Avoid Traps while collecting Gate Stones. Gate Stones are used to activate the portal to the outside world.  Labyrintheus will play from 3 to 6 players for a total play time of between 25-45 minutes.

One of the things that makes Labyrintheus unique is the persona card system. When you chose a character to play, you will have their persona card. More of a tile than a card, you use this for your inventory system and to track your health. Treasure cards collected in Labyrintheus are equipped by placing them along the appropriate edges of the persona card. And once you die, flip the persona card over to reveal your stats and abilities as an undead servant of the King. If you can’t win, why should anyone else?!?



  • 6 Persona Cards, each with a living and undead side
  • 145 Full Color Poker Sized cards
  • 80 Health/Hardness/Gate Stone Marker Tokens
  • 2 Six-Sided Combat Dice
  • 4 Minotaur Tokens
  • 1 Instruction Tome


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