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Welcome to the world of Elian.  This is a card game in which you take on the role of one of many characters and try to survive the most dangerous place in the world.  The Kings very own sand box, The Labyrintheus.

Labyrintheus Box Art

The Labyrintheus is deep below the Royal Castle in High Keep.  This deadly plaything was created for his amusement by the Royal Command of Magic.  In this toy box, the King sends forth worthy (and sometimes not-so-worthy) contestants to fight magical beasts and avoid deadly traps.  All under constant magical viewing of the King and his Court.   Those who survive, live on to become one of the Kings chosen few, The Kings Champions.  Those who do not survive, aren’t head from ever again.  Mostly because they are dead, or undead.  And we all know undead can’t talk.

Labyrintheus is currently in the last stages of testing.